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Flat-nose pliers with cutter 135 mm

Flat-node pliers with "Micro-Finish" handles
With cutter for soft wires
Serrated gripping surfaces
Made from S45C carbon steel

Service pliers Non-insulated cable lugs

Service crimping pliers for insulated and non-insulated cable lugs from 1.5...6 mm²
Also suitable for stripping the insulation from cables and wires with cross-sections in the range 0.75...6 mm²
Also suitable for shortening screws in the following sizes:

Electronic gripping pliers 145 mm

Made of SK7 spring steel
Non-slip handles with spring washer
Integrated opening spring

PLCC extraction tool

PLCC/LCC extraction tool
For all socket-mounted PLCC and LCC ICs with J-pins
With 2 claws which fit into the two chamfered socket corners
Housing is easily extracted straight out of the socket
Suitable for 20...124 pin IC

Tool set 6-pcs

A set of tools for cleaning up PCBs after soldering.
The kit contains: Brass and steel brushes, Hooked and curved tips, Scraper tip and knife, Straight tip and broach, Angled and curved tips, Forked and crowbar tips

Soldering iron, mains-powered 40 W 40 W F (CEE 7/4)

Supplied with soldering iron and soldering tip

PCB holder 125 x 50 mm

PCB holder with turnable arm for keeping the components in place using spring crocodile clips
The arms can be rotated by 360°
A 2.5x magnifier can be attached to the horizontal bar
Max length of PCB 160 mm
Max width of PCB 70 mm
Total weight of 480g

Stripping Tool 0.2…4 mm

2 in 1 wire stripper & cutter
Self-adjusting mechanism according to wire size
Adjustable stop for consistency in wire strip lengths
Body made of POM and low carbon steel

Adjustable Wrench 20 mm 150 mm

Adjustable Wrench with insulated handles

Punch down tool

The IDC tool presses the wire which is to be connected correctly between the contact terminals
During the pressing process, the protruding wire is also cut off at the same time
With screwdriver and cable puller

Solder Reel Holder

Simple reel holder with handles designed for solder reels of max. 1 kg in weight. Rubber clad bottom plate with mounting holes.

Crimping pliers for IDC connectors IDC connector

Crimping pliers for pressing IDCs
Suitable for ribbon cable connectors DIN 4165 with 16...40 pins and MIL-C-83503 with 10...40 pins

Screwdriver set 23 p.

Rotating cap for precise control and screw turning with fingertip
Anodized aluminum alloy handle combine 4mm & 1/4 inch type bits holder, 2 in 1 design for user convenience
Contains 10pcs Cr-Mo alloy steel precision bits, 10pcs S2 alloy 1/4 inch hex bit

Screwdriver set 38 p.

Consumer electronic equipment repair kit with complete comprehensive standard precision screwdriver bit sets
Features 30pcs selected bits and 10 pcs essential repair toolse in an elegant and durable carrying case
Allows opening the most of branded smart p

Crimping pliers for RG58, 59, 62, 6 Coax, BNC, TNC, N, F RG58, RG59, RG62, RG6

Crimping pliers for hexagonal crimping for coaxial connectors
Suitable for BNC, F, TNC, N
Hexagon dimensions: 6.50/8.10/1.72/5.41 mm

Crimping pliers for non-insulated cable lugs Non-insulated cable lugs 1.5...10 mm²

Crimping pliers with ratchet mechanism for reliable crimping
Suitable for non-insulated cable lugs

Crimping pliers for insulated cable lugs Insulated cable lugs 0.5...6 mm²

Crimping pliers with hight torque
With ratchet mechanism for reliable crimping

Crimping pliers for wire end ferrules Wire end ferrule 0.5...4 mm²

Crimping pliers with ratchet mechanism for reliable crimping
Suitable for non-insulated wire end ferrules

Crimping pliers for wire end ferrules Wire end ferrule 6...16 mm²

Crimping pliers with ratchet mechanism for reliable crimping
Suitable for non-insulated wire end ferrules

Set of crimping pliers for coaxial connectors Coaxial connector

Complete set comprising a handy box with carrying handle, crimping pliers, 5 crimping inserts, screwdriver, cable cutter and insulation strippers
Crimping insert 336A4: Hexagon dimensions: 6.48/4.75/1.73/5.41 mm, for RG58, 59, 174 cables
Crimping insert 3

Crimping tool for non-insulated cable lugs Non-insulated cable lugs 10...95 mm²

Crimping tools for non-insulated cable lugs
Suitable for cable cross-sections in the range 10.0...95.0 mm²
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