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Coax Connector Male PVC Wit

It can be used in house facilities as well as a cable TV network.

Coax Connector Male Metaal Zilver

Connector IEC, Male, Ref: 413210, A+-class

Coax Connector Female Metaal Zilver

Televes IEC-connectors for professional use:
Saves time and reduces costs in the installation and ensures reliability and reduces the need of future inspections. Automated manufacturing is a guarantee reference. To prevent unwanted effects on DTT recepti

DVB-T/T2 - DAB+ Versterkte Buitenantenne 30 dB FM / VHF / UHF

DAT Omninova - The first "intelligent" omnidirectional antenna with BOSS technology and LTE filter.

Now even better!
Omninova is an antenna for professional use in caravans, house cars and villas
It is made in a fully automated process for the highest r
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