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Soldeerdampafzuiger 22 W F (CEE 7/4)<multisep/>CH <SteckerCH/>

With activated coal filter
Binds lead and tin vapours generated during soldering
Easy filter changing from the front

Soldeerstation LF-389D 60 W F (CEE 7/4)

Temperature setting via keys, display

Soldeerstation LF-3200 120 W F (CEE 7/4)<multisep/>CH <SteckerCH/>

Temperature setting via keys, display
Auto sleep
High frequency heater

Soldeer en de-soldeerstation F (CEE 7/4)<multisep/>CH <SteckerCH/>

Hot air station for desoldering and soldering of SMD components
With high power heating element 600W
Temperature adjustable100 °C...480 °C
Auto cooling design to protect the heating element
Temperature can be locked with "password" code
Double Display sho

Soldeer en de-soldeerstation 100 W CH <SteckerCH/><multisep/>F (CEE 7/4)

100 Watt solder and desoldering station, with fume extractor
Heater/Sensor failed detection
Temperature “Lock-Out” feature
ESD safe and spike free circuitry
Delayed suction to eliminate the solder clogging up the tip
Energy saver mode
Both soldering, deso
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