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LCR meter 20 MΩ 0.6 mF 20 H

Inductance and capacitance meter
LCR meter with powerful features for professional, educational and hobby use
Diode and transistor test, gain measure, delay free continuity check
Check and measure resistors, capacitors and inductors quickly and easily

Component Tester 20 MΩ 20 mF

APPA 76 is a component tester suitable for both lab use and servicing. It measures resistance and capacitance. For diodes and LEDs, the forward voltage drop for a specific current is measured. Amplification factor and leak current are measured for transis

LCR tweezer 200 MΩ 20 mF 20000 H

Extra large LCD with 20000 count digital display
Toggle switching optimized the function selection and feature operation with a finger of thumb especially fit for SMD measurement
Innovative user interface designed with ease of use automatically selection

Precision Pressure Gauge 2 bar

Easy to use, rugged and reliable construction with precision pressure measurement from 15 psi/ 1 bar to 10,000 psi/690 bar and 0.05% accuracy
Compatible with most Hydraulic and Pneumatic Test Pumps
Combine with one of the Fluke Test Pump Kits (700PTPK or

Precision Loop Calibrator

Best in Class 0.01% Reading Accuracy
Large easy to read display with backlight and contrast adjust
Two simple connections and protection up to 240 VAC
Intuitive interface with quick click knob
User selectable 250 Ω resistor
Dedicated span and 25% step but

Process Multimeter, TRMS AC, LCD<multisep/>Backlight, 1000 VAC, 1000 VDC, 1 ADC

True RMS digital multimeter and current meter in one
Digital multimeter of upper class (similar to Fluke 87)
Current loop calibrator up to 24 mA with 1 µA resolution
Battery compartment
Inclusive of protective holster and flex stand
Safety: Cat. III 1000

Process Multimeter, TRMS AC, LCD<multisep/>Backlight, 1000 VAC, 1000 VDC, 1 ADC

24 V Loop power supply
HART mode setting with loop power and a built-in 250 Ω resistor
Infrared I/O serial port

Intrinsically safe current loop calibrator

Handheld instrument for calibration, maintenance and repairs with high accuracy. Large wheel for easy one-hand manoeuvring and setting of parameters. Measures and powers a 4–20 mA current loop. Displays mA and % at the same time. Choice of fast or slow ra

Precision HART Loop Calibrator

HART Digital Communication Capability
Write LRV & URV Value
Trim, Set, & Zero

Pressure Calibrator 20 bar

Electric Pressure Calibrator for calibrating transmitters, pressure switches and pressure gauges
Full functioning loop calibrator that sources, simulates and measures mA signals
Large backlit screen displays three parameters at once
Integrated electric pu

Pressure calibrator, 8 bar

Handheld instrument for calibrating pressure and vacuum sensors. Compact and rugged design for field use. Built-in electric pump for one handed operation as well as programmable interface simplifies measurements considerably.
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