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Gas-refill bottle 75 ml

Pyropen gas is specially designed for the catalyst of the Weller pyropen soldering iron. When normal lighter gas is used, the catalyst is damaged

PCB holder 125 x 50 mm

PCB holder with turnable arm for keeping the components in place using spring crocodile clips
The arms can be rotated by 360°
A 2.5x magnifier can be attached to the horizontal bar
Max length of PCB 160 mm
Max width of PCB 70 mm
Total weight of 480g

Solder Reel Holder

Simple reel holder with handles designed for solder reels of max. 1 kg in weight. Rubber clad bottom plate with mounting holes.

Soldeerdampafzuiger 22 W F (CEE 7/4)<multisep/>CH <SteckerCH/>

With activated coal filter
Binds lead and tin vapours generated during soldering
Easy filter changing from the front
Incl. btw