Thyristor / TRIAC / DIAC

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Thyristor 600 VDC 8 A 35/70mA

600V 8A 35/70mA
Behuizing: TO220

Thyristor 600 VDC 12 A TRIAC 50/100mA

600V 12A 50/100MA
Behuizing: TO220

Thyristor 800 VDC 12 A TRIAC 100/50mA

The BTA12 triac family are high performance glass passivated PNPN devices. These parts are suitables for general purpose applications where high surge current capability is required. Application such as phase control and static switching on inductive or r

Thyristor 700 VDC 25 A TRIAC 50/100mA

The BTA25 triac series is suitable for general purpose AC power switching. They can be used as an ON/OFF
function in applications such as static relays, heating regulation, water heaters, induction motor starting circuits...or for phase control operation
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