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Velleman Printer 3D Velleman K8200

Printer 3D Velleman K8200

Did you ever wanted to create your own products? Did you dream that your 3D creations became
real products? This is your chance with the Velleman K8200.
It’s a build it yourself 3D printer kit to print objects of maximum 20x20x20cm (7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87”)
German RepRap Printer 3D RepRap 100310

Printer 3D RepRap 100310

The future is yours - on top of your desk. The NEO 3D Printer is small and compact, ideal for the home user who only needs to unpack, set it up and print away. It is not a DIY kit, it is completely assembled. The NEO 3D printer allows you to quickly and e
German RepRap Printer 3D RepRap RR100440

Printer 3D RepRap RR100440

The third generation of the popular self-assembly printer from German RepRap features many improvements. The PRotos V3 is a more solid, robust and precise 3D printer for self-assembly. The printer now features a three-point print bed for simpler calibrati
Ultimaker Printer 3D Ultimaker 2+

Printer 3D Ultimaker 2+

Ultimakers most advanced 3D printer just got even better.

Successful prints whatever the complexity
To realize complicated models the Ultimaker 2+ performs difficult 3D printing tasks with ease. Thanks to extensive research and development, it excels at
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