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Bosch Deksel Magnetron Origineel Onderdeelnummer 32620

Deksel Magnetron Origineel Onderdeelnummer 32620

Voor magnetrons.
1x voet voor rooster, zwart, binnendiameter ca. 4 mm.
Electrolux Geur Absorber Koelkast

Geur Absorber Koelkast

With this scent removal you can get rid of irritating scents in your fridge. Put the item in fridge, preferably open place like in to the door shelf. Item removes scents efficient for 2-3 months.

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Electrolux Vershoudmat Koelkast Blauw

Vershoudmat Koelkast Blauw

The open cell structure of this Fresh Keeper Mat allows air to circulate freely around the vegetable compartment in your fridge, preventing the build-up of mould and bad smells. It keeps fruit and vegetables healthy, fresh and crunchy for longer, avoiding
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