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GR-70 Fog machine - 700m3 after 60 seconds

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GR-70 Fog machine - 700m3 after 60 seconds

Product description

Grumpy fog machine GR-70 - 700m3 after 60 seconds

Grumpy 2.0 Fog machines are designed to complete your security solution. In addition to an alarm system and / or camera system, your property will remain secure and the burglar will be driven out of the building as soon as possible!

The Grumpy 2.0 can be integrated into a security system or used as a standalone system. The range includes some of the most advanced fog generators in the world. This generation of fog generators offer high performance and reliability. The result is an impressive volume of dry fog that is present in the room for a long time.

The GR-70 is one of the most advanced fog generators in the world. The compact heat exchanger made of steel in the machine provides high reliable performance. This results in an impressive volume of dry fog (no residue). Due to the compact design and impressive performance, the GR-70 is widely applicable. Stores, offices, workshops, jewelers, drug stores

Installation is made easy by the cleverly designed suspension bracket.
Other functions, such as the internal back-up battery and multi-nozzle system, where a different nozzle (nozzle) can choose, make the GR-70 an extremely versatile machine.


Emission time normal 82 sec Turbo 56 sec
Adjustable emissions time 5 sec to 6 minutes
Emission m3 800m3 after 60 seconds
Cylinder 1000ML to 5 liters
Cylinder sensor low and empty sensor
Number of acitvations per 60 Sec 6 x
Retrigger mode
Power supply 110 / 230v
Heating element power 2x 0.8KW (twin)
Standby consumption normal (average) 70W
Standby consumption energy saving mode (average) 60W
Warm-up time from cold 14 minutes
Warm up time after emission 57 seconds
Operating temp minus 10 to + 50 ° C
Inputs 4 - Outputs 7
Programing LCD screen
Backup battery
Error messages emergency power supply
Emergency power standby 70 minutes
External indicator (LED)
History LOG up to 1000 events
Dimensions 47 (H) x13 (D) x31 (B)
Weight 14kg / 19 Kg
options on other nozzles YES
EN Certified

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