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GR-100 Fog Machine - 1350m3 after 60 seconds


GR-100 Fog Machine - 1350m3 after 60 seconds

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Grumpy GR-100 Fog Machine 1350m3 after 60 seconds

Grumpy 2.0 Fog Machines are designed to complete your security solution. In addition to an alarm system and/or camera system, it ensures that your belongings remain secured and that the burglar is chased out of the building as quickly as possible!
The Grumpy 2.0 can be integrated into a security system or used as a standalone system. The range includes some of the most advanced fog generators in the world.
This generation of fog generators offers high performance and reliability. The result is an impressive volume of dry fog that remains in the room for a long time.

The GR-100 has the largest heating element of the Grumpy 2.0 series. This allows an extremely large fog production, with which large areas can be protected. In addition, the specially designed metal cabinet acts as a heat store, so that fog can still be produced in the event of a power failure.

Special isolation, flexible integration and full control make the GR-100 the most powerful and versatile generator of the Grumpy series


Emission time normal 360 sec Turbo 135 sec
Adjustable ejection time 5 sec to 6 minutes
Emission m3 1400m3 after 60 seconds
Cylinder 1000ML to 5 Liter
Cylinder sensor low and empty sensor
number of activations per 60 Sec 6 x
Retrigger mode Yes
Power supply 110/230v
Heating element power 2x 0.8KW (twin)
Standby consumption normal (average) 100W
Standby consumption energy save mode (Average) 80W
Warm-up time from cold 20 minutes
Warm-up time after exhaust 2min 35 seconds
Operating temp min 10 to +50°C
Inputs 4 / Outputs 7
Programming LCD screen
Backup battery YES
Error messages emergency power supply
Emergency power standby 90 minutes
External indicator (LED)
History LOG Up to 1000 events
Dimensions 47(H)x13(D)x31(W)
Weight 20kg / 23 Kg
Options on other nozzles
EN Certified

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Grumpy GR-100 Fog Machine - 1350m3 after 60 seconds
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