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AC-88 wireless contact relay module


AC-88 wireless contact relay module

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Product description

Jablotron AC-88 wireless contact relay module

The Jablotron AC -88 is a wireless controllable intelligent socket. It can be connected wirelessly to the mains (230V / 50Hz / 16A) such as boilers, electric heating, lighting, ventilation and control. The internal socket relay can be controlled by the own unit button RC -8x series (Oasis remote controls), YES -8x series Oasis detectors, TP -8x series wireless thermostats, and the wireless PG output signals from JA-8xK series Oasis control panels , GD -04 David units, and Eye -02 security cameras (8 wireless control channels)
The unit can switch the output, or switch for a certain time (adjustable from 1 minute to 24 hours).
The AC -88 also features a built-in transmitter, which means a series of AC-88 or other OASIS system devices (AC -82, UC -82, GD-04R wireless relay or JA-8xK control boxes with JA-82R wireless modules) so that the status of the main AC -88 can be copied by all other registered devices.

• Power supply: 230V / 50Hz, protection class II
• Power consumption about 1W
• Electrical outlet type E
• Communication band: 868 MHz, OASIS protocol
• Maximum number of imported devices: 8
• Minimum transmitter distance: 1m
• Environment: II. Indoor general (-10 to + 40 ° C)
• Mechanical resistance IK08 to the EN 6626 standard
• Protection class IP40 to the EN 60529 standard
• Dimensions: 64x91x45mm
• In accordance with ETSI EN 301489-1, 3, EN 61000-6-2, 6-3, EN 60950-1
• Conditions: ERC REC 70-03  

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