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Ajax FireProtect smoke detector wireless - black

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Ajax FireProtect smoke detector wireless - black

If you are not protected against burglary, you risk your valuables. If you are not protected against fire, you risk everything. That is why the Ajax FireProtect smoke detector was made. It is easy to install and control, tamper proof and has a long servic
Brand: Ajax Systems
Article number: Fireprotect
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€ 97,00 63,05
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Product description


Wireless fire detector with temperature sensor that monitors safety in the room 24 hours a day and immediately reports smoke and large temperature changes.

1. Registers smoke and large temperature changes in the room
2. Can work independently of the hub and reports danger by means of a built-in alarm
3. Independently test the smoke chamber and immediately notify you when cleaning is required

Working principle

The device detects smoke by means of a camera with a photoelectric sensor. If no smoke is emitted, the additional detector registers the temperature rise in the room.

To clean

Like most devices, it is useful if you clean the Fireprotect every now and then. Below you will find an instructional video on how to do this best!


It can work independently of the hub and reports a fire alarm with a built-in siren. Multiple detectors indicate an alarm at the same time.

Installation and setup

Ready to use out of the box: the battery is already installed, so there is no need to disassemble the detector. Connected to the hub in the mobile application with just one click. It can be mounted on the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.

Why Fireprotect?

The Ajax FireProtect smoke detector wireless (white) is made to protect you against the dangers of fire and smoke. The sensor emits an alarm if smoke is detected, or the temperature exceeds 60 ° C or rises quickly in a short time. The Ajax FireProtect can work as a standalone device, but can also be combined with the Ajax Hub and the Ajax Security Systems app. This way you will also receive notifications on your phone!

Ajax FireProtect benefits

  • Three different detection options: smoke, high temperature and rapid temperature rise
  • Battery life of up to 4 years
  • Works up to 1,300 meters from the Ajax Hub
  • Ajax Security Systems app available for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Simple link to the app with QR code
  • Can be used with the uartBridge and oc Bridge Plus modules, allowing communication with third party security systems
  • Report possible in case of unauthorized deactivation
  • Provides a warning in case of accumulated dust in the detection chamber

Install Ajax FireProtect smoke detector

With the included SmartBracket mounting panel you can easily install the Ajax FireProtect smoke detector. It is best to place the smoke detector at the highest point (the ceiling) in the room, as smoke and warm air will collect there. Also consider the distance to the Ajax Hub and objects or surfaces that will hinder the connection. Do not place the Ajax FireProtect near an open window or a fan (due to the rapid air circulation) or in a room with too high a humidity level.

The Ajax FireProtect works autonomously. If you want to install the smoke detector including the Ajax Hub, you must first connect the detector. This can easily be done with the help of a QR code and the Ajax Security Systems app. After the smoke detector has been successfully paired, you can attach it to the SmartBracket.

Buy Ajax FireProtect smoke detector wireless

Alarm systemExpert is the best shop to buy your Ajax FireProtect smoke detector wirelessly. In addition to an Ajax smoke detector, you can supplement your Ajax alarm system with glass break detection and motion detection, among other things . This protects you against various risks and - if something is wrong - you will receive notifications at lightning speed via your telephone. The Ajax FireProtect wireless smoke detector also has a built-in siren. Do you have questions about this smoke detector or other alarm systems ? Feel free to contact our customer service who will be happy to answer your questions!

Ajax FireProtect smoke detector wireless specifications

  • Sensitive smoke detection with photoelectric sensor
  • Temperature detection thanks to thermo differential principle
  • Operates up to 1,300 meters from Ajax Hub
  • Battery life max. 4 years (2x pre-installed CR2, 1x CR2032 backup, 3 V)
  • Sensor works up to 80% humidity
  • Dimensions: 132 x 132 x 31 mm
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Alarm signal volume: 85 dB at 3 meters

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