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Ajax MotionProtect motion detector curtain wireless - white

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MotionProtect Curtain is a motion detector (curtain sensor) suitable for indoor and outdoor use (eg driveway) equipped with two PIR sensors. It detects movement up to 10 meters away, has anti-mask and ignores pet movements. MotionProtect Curtain is wirele

Ajax MotionProtect motion detector curtain wireless - white

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Product description

MotionProtect Curtain

Indoor motion detector with narrow beam. Protects windows, doors and valuable goods

1. Detects movement within a range of up to 15 meters
2. Works for up to 3 years with the pre-installed battery
3. Sends alarms up to 1700 away from the hub

Reliable perimeter protection


With the MotionProtect Curtain detector you can protect the perimeter of your home and move freely around the house. If there is an intruder, the system raises the alarm and calls the security company.

In a garage

Burglars cannot go unnoticed by the garage door when the MotionProtect Curtain is active. The detector continues to operate even when the temperature drops to -10 ° C.

In a museum

Visitors can visit the exhibition at will. But if they pass a line and reach out for a work of art, the alarm will sound.

In a pet-friendly apartment

When properly installed, the MotionProtect Curtain protects your property and ignores the pets, even if that's a St Bernard.

Own optical technology

To create the MotionProtect Curtain, we developed an optical system with two infrared sensors and a versatile mirror. Thanks to this system, the detector receives twice as much information about what is going on in the protected area and responds immediately to human presence.

Rapid response to threats

Regardless of whether a burglar is running or sneaking, MotionProtect Curtain is always ready. The detector analyzes signals from both PIR sensors as soon as they come into its field of view and immediately sends an alert.

Reliable radio communication

MotionProtect Curtain is connected to the hub via radio communication, at a distance of up to 1700 meters. Jeweler, our proprietary two-way communication protocol, protects data transmission with advanced encryption. In the event of interference or jamming, the Ajax security system changes the frequency and alerts you and your security company.

Installed in 2 minutes

MotionProtect Curtain is connected to the security system via the Ajax app: scan the QR code, add the detector to the room and install it.

This motion detector has a narrow horizontal detection angle and is specially designed for checking windows, corridors and other entrances or exits of a building. The maximum detection range is 15 meters. You can use the Ajax Security Systems app on the phone to monitor the system. The MotionProtect curtain sensor detects intruders based on movement and temperature. The Ajax MotionProtect motion detector is easy to install with the SmartBracket holders and has a battery life of up to 3 years. If you install the MotionProtect optimally, it will also ignore (small) pets.

Install Ajax MotionProtect curtain

You can easily install the motion detector using the SmartBracket holders. Do you have pets and don't want the detector to detect them? Then install the Ajax MotionProtect curtain upside down at a height of 40 cm. For example, there is a free zone in which your pet can walk around carefree. The recommended height to install the MotionProtect, provided you do not have pets, is 2.4 meters high. The Ajax MotionProtect can be installed at a distance of 1700 meters from the Ajax Hub, provided there are no obstacles or walls in between. There are a few more important factors to consider:

  • Do not use the MotionProtect curtain outdoors
  • Do not place in front of windows exposed to direct sunlight
  • Do not place near metal objects and mirrors
  • Do not place near fast air currents (doors, windows)
  • Install the MotionCam at least 1 meter away from the Ajax Hub 2

Buy Ajax MotionProtect curtain

Are you looking for an alarm system to properly secure the entrances and exits of your home? Then the Ajax MotionProtect curtain is the choice for you! Are you looking for a different alarm system ? View the range of Ajax motion detectors or our complete range of alarm systems. You can buy an Ajax alarm system at Alarmsysteemexpert!

Ajax MotionProtect curtain specifications

  • For indoor use
  • 2 PIR sensors
  • Works up to 1700 meters away
  • Detection angles horizontal 6 ° / vertical 90 °
  • Detects movements up to 15 meters away
  • (Pet) friendly up to 15 kg and up to 40 cm
  • Effective at temperatures from -10 ° С to + 40 ° С
  • IP class: IP54
  • Dimensions: 134 mm х 44 mm х 36 mm
  • Power supply CR123A battery, 3 V.
  • Battery life of up to 3 years

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