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DualCurtain | Outdoor/Indoor | Detector |


DualCurtain | Outdoor/Indoor | Detector |

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Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor detector

With the Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor, protect objects that hang on the wall, such as paintings, or enter a room such as the garage. With the DualCurtain you can walk around freely with the alarm system switched on, the alarm is only activated when you move through the “curtain”.

Ajax's range of street detectors now includes a two-way curtain motion detector that can monitor up to 30 meters from the property, efficiently protecting access to windows, doors, arches, fences and shop windows.

Two detectors in one housing:
Each DualCurtain Outdoor element embodies the idea of engineering precision. Smooth lines, deep-set lenses and masking sensors form a streamlined rainproof housing. The SmartBracket mounting panel allows you to easily and securely attach the detector to the surface while closing the mounting panel.

Double filtering against false alarms:
With two IR sensors on each side, DualCurtain Outdoor works effectively against false alarms. The detector will not respond if only one sensor has detected movement. When both sensors are activated, the detector activates the special digital algorithm ELSA. In a fraction of a second, ELSA performs a signal analysis in three steps. Natural disturbances and animals are filtered out and ELSA determines whether or not an alarm should be raised.

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Ajax Systems DualCurtain | Outdoor/Indoor | Detector |
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