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Ajax LeaksProtect water detector wireless - black

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Ajax LeaksProtect reports detection of water within seconds, and automatically cancels the alarm if the area has dried. Prevents a lot of damage, reliably, and in a rugged small housing.

Ajax LeaksProtect water detector wireless - black

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65,00 42,25
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Product description


Wireless flood detector that detects the first sign of a leak in milliseconds. It is installed without tools.

1. Sounds the alarm as soon as water comes into contact with one of the four contact pairs
2. Senses when the zone dries up and disables the alarm
3. The detector is placed on the ground in areas where water may enter

Working principle

The device detects the first signs of flooding when water comes into contact with one of the four contact pairs at the bottom of the detector


The device has an IP65 protection class for the housing, which means that it is protected against dust and moisture.

Installation and setup

It can be installed in just one minute. The detector should simply be placed on the floor, under a washing machine, dishwasher, bath or heating radiator.


A leak can cause many problems, especially if it is not responded to quickly. With the Ajax LeaksProtect water detector wireless in white you are quickly informed when things go wrong. Within seconds, you will be notified when one of the four sensor pairs detects water. Easily set up the system with the Ajax Security System app and receive push notifications or text messages on your mobile. The Ajax LeaksProtect water detector wireless in white can be placed up to 1,300 meters from the hub.

Ajax LeaksProtect benefits

  • Rapid alarm in case of leakage
  • Periodic testing and customization possible thanks to two-way communication with Ajax Hub
  • A battery life of up to 5 years
  • Wear-resistant housing
  • Waterproof (ip65) with nickel-plated contacts
  • Range of max. 1,300 meters from Ajax Hub
  • Corresponding Ajax Security System app available for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Simple link to the app with QR code
  • Can be used with uartBridge and oc Bridge Plus modules, allowing communication with third party security systems.

Install Ajax LeaksProtect water detector

It is best to install the Ajax Leakprotector water detector in a location where a leak can easily occur, such as under the bath, the sink and washing machine. There are some points of attention when confirming. For example, the detector should not be installed in the following locations:

  1. In the open air
  2. Near metal objects and mirrors that can weaken or mirror the radio signal
  3. Less than 1 meter from the Ajax Hub

For more tips, see the included Quick Start Guide. Before connecting the Ajax LeaksProtect water detector, you must install the app. You can easily set up the Ajax Security System app, after which you can easily connect the detector with the QR code on the back. To check the connection of the device with the Ajax hub, it is sufficient to touch the detector with a damp finger for three seconds. If the connection is good, the light will light up red.

Buy Ajax LeaksProtect water detector wireless

You can easily protect yourself against unnecessary water damage by purchasing an Ajax LeaksProtect water detector wireless. You can form a complete Ajax alarm system , by connecting an Ajax Doorprotect and Ajax MotionProtect to the Ajax Hub, among other things. This gives you, in addition to the Ajax LeaksProtect water detector, also all other alarm systems in a handy overview. For the best alarm system, go to Alarm System Expert!

Ajax LeaksProtect water detector specifications

  • Signal range: up to 1,300 meters (without obstacles)
  • Battery: 2x AAA (3 V), service life up to 5 years
  • Complete protection against dust and water jets (ip65)
  • Checking operation, a ping with central Ajax Hub at least every 5 minutes
  • Works between 0 ° C and + 50 ° C
  • 56 x 56 x 14mm
  • Report possible in case of unauthorized deactivation



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