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Ajax MotionCam motion detector with camera wireless - white

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NOTE: Only compatible with an AJAX Hub 2. The Ajax MotionCam is a wireless PIR detector with photo registration. The MotionCam is designed to detect people and is equipped with smart algorithms to ignore small animals up to 20kg. The sensor can be set to

Ajax MotionCam motion detector with camera wireless - white

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188,00 122,20
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Product description


The MotionCam detector requires a Hub 2 or Hub 2 Plus to operate

Motion detector with a photo camera to verify alarms

1. Sends a photo in less than 9 seconds
2. Can see in the dark
3. Works for up to 4 years with the pre-installed batteries
4. Communicates at a distance of up to 1700 m from the hub

More than a photo. Faster than a video.

With MotionCam, you are notified of a current situation at home before the burglars know they have been caught. An animated series of photos follows the instant motion detection alarm for accurate situation assessment.

Prevents accidental disturbances

A nanny came back from the shop and forgot to turn off the security system. The alarm went off, but the parents are calm. MotionCam took a series of photos to reveal the cause.

Recognizes hidden threats

The alarm went off at the office. The Ajax security system has sent the photos of the MotionCam detectors to the staff. Be careful! The criminals have weapons.

Guards the house at night

The burglars broke in at night. Thanks to the IR backlight, their faces could be seen in the photos from the MotionCam. The police patrol caught the burglars red-handed.

Designed to respect privacy

MotionCam is designed to monitor your safety, not your personal life. The motion detector is unable to take pictures on request. The camera is only activated in response to a motion detection alarm. The data is encrypted during the entire transfer and storage process. Nobody analyzes the data, not even AI. You don't have to live under the constant surveillance of the security cameras to know why the alarm went off.
1. Photos are only taken when an alarm is triggered
2. All photos are encrypted
3. We don't see your photos

Dispel all suspicions

MotionCam ignores pets (up to 50cm tall) using the SmartDetect algorithm. But if a particularly curious creature could set the alarm off, the following photo report will confirm that there are no problems in the house.

Unique wireless technologies

MotionCam uses two specialized radio protocols at the same time: Jeweler to send instant alarms and Wings for quick delivery of the photos. You can receive photos remotely. The two channels work without interfering with each other. So you can see the picture of the situation within 9 seconds from the moment motion was detected.

MotionCam broadcasts photos from a distance of 1,700 meters, even if the signal level is unstable, which is crucial for rural areas or densely built-up places. The detector works for up to 4 years on the pre-installed batteries and saves you maintenance hassle.

Intuitive to connect and install

MotionCam connects to the Ajax security system in a few taps. Open the Ajax app, scan the QR code and assign it to one of the rooms.

Mount the detector on a wall without disassembling it. Make sure there are no vases, cabinets or glass objects obstructing the viewing angle. You are now done!

Install Ajax MotionCam

The location affects how well the system works. The Ajax MotionCam can be installed at a maximum distance of 1700 meters from the Ajax Hub 2, provided there are no obstacles or walls in between. The recommended height for installation is 2.4 meters. If the detector is installed higher or lower, the detection area will be smaller and pets may be detected. The MotionCam is easy to install with the SmartBracket holders. There are a few more important factors to consider:

  • Do not use the MotionCam outdoors
  • Do not install facing a window because of the reflection
  • Do not place near metal objects and mirrors
  • Do not place near fast air currents (doors, windows)
  • Install the MotionCam at least 1 meter away from the Ajax Hub 2
  • MotionCam only works with Ajax Hub 2

Buy Ajax MotionCam

The Ajax MotionCam is an excellent choice for good security in your home. Don't just sound an alarm, but also take pictures of the culprit! Are you looking for a different alarm system ? View the range of Ajax motion detectors or our complete range of alarm systems. You can buy an Ajax alarm system at Alarmsysteemexpert!

Ajax MotionCam specifications

  • Built-in camera that takes pictures
  • Takes photos in 3 different resolutions: 160x120 / 320x240 / 640x480
  • Takes 5 photos when the alarm sounds
  • Detects people
  • Pet friendly up to 20 kg and 50 cm high
  • Operates up to 1700 m away from the Ajax Hub
  • Also connect to the hub on different floors
  • Detects movement up to 12 meters
  • Adjustable sensitivity level (3 positions)
  • SmartBracket holders for easy installation
  • Only works with Ajax Hub 2
  • Dimensions: 135 × 70 × 60 mm
  • Battery: 2 CR123A 3 V.
  • Battery life of up to 4 years


Product reviews Write a review

Frank | 25 May 2020

Prima foto PIR !
Tijdens installatie uitvoerig getest.
Maakt goede foto's tijdens alarm en stuurt deze razend snel door via de HUB-2.
Goed instelbaar in de Ajax app!

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