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Ajax MultiTransmitter White

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A module for integrating third party wired devices into Ajax

Ajax MultiTransmitter White

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199,00 129,35
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Product description


Renovation of wired alarms

Dozens of detectors and miles of wire can now be effortlessly transformed into a modern smartphone-controlled security system. The module replaces the old security control panel and connects wired devices to a hub and makes them a full part of Ajax. MultiTransmitter is a step towards awareness and reliability. For a security company, it offers the option to configure the equipment remotely, and users get all the benefits of managing the system through an app.


More Ajax features

IR barriers, domestic gas, temperature, liquid level detectors and much more - with MultiTransmitter, these devices are ready to expand the Ajax application areas. And wired connectivity and support for international security standards ensure full compatibility.

Multitasking in one body

New functions from old appliances

MultiTransmitter has 18 wired zones, each of which can be configured in the Ajax app. The detectors connected to the zones can be active 24/7, operate with an entry or exit delay, activate sirens if necessary and participate in automation scenarios. With MultiTransmitter, the old alarm system becomes part of a safe and smart home.

Data-rich alarms

MultiTransmitter allows you to specify the type of alarm and a room for each wired device. This makes notifications more informative - you not only know what happened, but also where. This information is displayed using push notification, SMS and is also sent to the security company's control room under a suitable code. A total of five types of alarms are available: burglary, fire, medical assistance, panic button, gas alarm.

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