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ReX | Signal amplifier |


Product description


1. Broadcasts alarms in 0.3 seconds
2. Communicates at a distance of up to 1800 m
3. Runs up to 35 hours on the backup battery

Security at scale

ReX is the signal booster for radio signals that extends the range of all Ajax security systems and manages communication with the hub. The intelligent radio signal booster allows users to place Ajax devices at a significant distance from the hub to protect multi-storey offices, free-standing buildings and even manufacturing plants. By connecting 5 ReX devices to the security system, the coverage is extended to 35 km².

Reliable link for secure communication

ReX can manage some or all of the devices in the system. In addition, the number of connected devices does not affect the speed of alarm delivery.

Up to 5 signal boosters can work in the security system
Depending on what type of hub you have.


Improves the security system

ReX integrates the devices into an autonomous group within the system. The amplifier takes full control of the situation if the connection to the hub is interrupted for some reason. If one of the detectors sends out an alarm signal, ReX can activate the siren to draw attention to the incident and deter the intruder.

The second decision center

ReX runs on OS Malevich and is just as capable as the hub. The intelligent amplifier manages the connected devices and makes critical decisions in the blink of an eye. The capabilities and role of ReX in the security system continues to evolve with the free OS Malevich updates available to all users.
1. A powerful processor for autonomous management
2. Always synced with the hub
3. Immediate response to threats

Stops the attacks of invaders

OS Malevich's unique operation logic protects ReX from software and hardware attacks and makes it resistant to viruses or exploits. In addition, all ReX communications are encrypted, making interception of signals virtually impossible. And even during a power outage, ReX keeps watch over your property using the built-in backup battery.
1. Works up to 35 hours after a power failure
2. All data is encrypted with AES-256 algorithm
3. Reports jamming and tampering with the device housing.

Intuitive connection and installation

To connect ReX to the system, scan the QR code, provide a name and enable it. Then select the devices that should work through the signal booster from the list. Continue to install ReX in a safe place. No disassembly required. Just use the SmartBracket mount.

Why ReX?

Do you want optimum security within large buildings or, for example, your garage next to your house? Then the Ajax ReX signal amplifier in white is what you are looking for. This increases the range of all your Ajax security systems! This intelligent device also ensures correct communication with the Ajax Hub: the home base that correctly controls your entire system. An Ajax ReX signal amplifier in white gives the signal a boost of no less than 1800 meters. If you would connect five units to your Hub, you can secure 35 km²!

Ajax ReX benefits

  • Reports an alarm within 0.3 seconds
  • Controls the system when the connection with the Ajax Hub is temporarily broken
  • Communicates with the Hub up to 1800 meters away
  • Has a backup battery that lasts up to 35 hours

Install Ajax ReX signal booster

Like all products in an Ajax alarm system , it is easy to install the Ajax ReX signal amplifier. To pair the device with your system, simply scan the QR code with your mobile phone, name the ReX in the app and turn it on. Then select the devices from the list that work through the amplifier. Finally, you only need to hang the handy SmartBracket holder in a safe place to install the Ajax ReX signal amplifier. So this is done! Can't quite figure it out? Then the alarm system Expert helpdesk is of course ready for you!

Buy Ajax ReX signal amplifier white

It is a good idea to buy the Ajax ReX signal amplifier in white or black if you want to expand your alarm system . You then enjoy the fact that everything works together perfectly. All data remains encrypted in such a way that it is never accessible to third parties. So you will always be optimally protected when you buy the Ajax ReX signal amplifier in white. Ideal for your company!

Ajax ReX signal booster specifications

  • Type: wireless
  • Installation method: indoor
  • Compatibility: Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2 (OS Malevich 2.8 and later)
  • Maximum number of connected devices: Hub & Hub 2 - up to 99, Hub Plus - up to 149
  • Maximum ReX per Hub: Hub - 1, Hub 2 & Hub Plus - 5
  • Power supply: 110 - 240 V, Backup battery: Li-Ion 2 h
  • Operates at temperature: −10°С to +40°
  • Dimensions: 163 x 163 x 36mm


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