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Alarm System Kit 3CD Wireless with Dome Camera for outside (White)

919,00 879,00
You can use the Ajax alarm system kit as a basis for the wireless Ajax security system.

Alarm System Kit 3CD Wireless with Dome Camera for outside (White)

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919,00 879,00
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Product description

Do you want a SIM card in this alarm system? Then pay attention:

This exchange does not have 4G!
The only network that still offers 2G is KPN until April 2025.

AJAX starter package

AJAX Starterskit 1CD is the entry-level set from ASE, this entry-level set contains:

1x Ajax Hub, the brain of the Ajax alarm system.

1x Ajax Keypad

3x Ajax Motion detector

1x Ajax Door / Window contact

1x Ajax inside siren

1x Dahua 4 Megapixel Wifi Dome Camera , for indoor or outdoor use.

1x PoE Adapter

What can you do with this set?

With this set you can receive alarm notifications on your mobile phone. There is also a siren with this set to scare the burglar around your home.
This set serves as a silent alarm and loud alarm, you will receive a notification on your phone and the siren will sound.

Wifi camera?
This kit from ASE includes a Dahua WiFi outdoor camera, which can easily be added to the AJAX app via a QR code.
All you have to do is scan this QR-Code and you are ready to view live images!

To expand?
Of course you can expand the entire set with different components, these can be found on our site or you can call us for more information about which components fit!
All products are completely wireless, in addition, the batteries are included and are already mounted in the product.
Only with the Hub is it necessary to provide it with fixed power and preferably an internet connection.

No more sabotage!
AJAX uses its own wireless signal, the Jeweler protocol with high security AES encryption in the 868 MHz band. As a result, all products obtain a grade 2 certification and it is much more reliable than Wi-Fi.

Thanks to the applied algorithm, it detects deliberate tampering of the wireless signal and keeps maintenance costs low. The included batteries are effective for up to 7 years, and the wireless signal is able to cover distances of up to 2 km in open space. Optionally, it is possible to extend the range with signal amplifiers such as AJAX Rex. Bridging distances is therefore no problem, not even for extremely large complexes.

Of course, all necessary screws, mounting brackets and plugs are also included in this set!

Product features starter pack

Hub: This is the brain of the AJAX system.

Keypad: Allows you to quickly operate your alarm system

Motion detector: This detects movements made by burglars or unwanted persons.

Door / window contact: Detector for mounting on doors and / or windows, registers opening and closing.

Indoor siren: This siren makes a lot of noise, which is also adjustable from 81 to 105 dB at a distance of 1 m

Warning stickers: These stickers have a deterrent effect against burglars. In this way we let you know that a burglary attempt will be detected immediately and a loud siren will sound

The modular construction makes it easy to add components to build a system that protects against burglary, fire and even flooding. Ajax has Grade 2 certified burglary components.
It thus combines safety and ease of installation with design and intuitive operation for everyone.

The system is fully taught, configured and operated via your smartphone. Thanks to the built-in LAN module and the back-up GSM module, you are always assured of a quick report.

Push notifications:
Receive push notifications about status changes / alarms in the free App on your mobile.

The complete installation and programming is done via your telephone. Via the AJAX App it is possible to manage your users / accounts or configure the system, add different rooms or devices and change their configuration.

Download the AJAX app here:



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Ajax Systems Alarm System Kit 3CD Wireless with Dome Camera for outside (White)
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