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Ajax smoke detector

When you are at work, at home or at the office, you can completely immerse yourself in this. Then it can sometimes be that you do not understand everything that is happening around you. Fortunately, an Ajax smoke detector does. If there is smoke development elsewhere in the building that could lead to a fire, the alarm will sound. Even when the temperature rises above 60 degrees, your Ajax smoke detector gives a clear signal. Your security is worth so much more than any alarm system!

Ajax CO detector

What you don't see isn't there. Nothing is less true! And an Ajax CO detector will tell you exactly the same. CO, or carbon monoxide, is a poisonous gas that can knock you out in no time. Inhaling the gas can have serious physical consequences. By the way, you don't smell or taste anything at all from the carbon monoxide. It's not called the silent killer for nothing. Do you already have an alarm system ? Then complete it and buy an Ajax CO detector at Alarmsysteemexpert.

Ajax smoke detector wireless

Of course you always want to be sure that your Ajax smoke detector works, wireless or not, you always want to rely on it. Which can! We say this not only to reassure you, but mainly because it is true. Each smoke detector contains a battery with a very long life. When this is almost over, you will be warned in time by means of a sound. In addition, various models also have a backup. The Ajax smoke detector can also be connected wirelessly to your Ajax alarm system ! Would you like help with this? the professionals of Alarm System Expert are happy to help you.