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Why an addition of a Grumpy mist generator can be of crucial importance.

Any attempted theft or burglary in your home or in your business is a cause of economic and psychological trauma: the economic damage and the fear of being deprived again is just one of these consequences. To protect yourself and your property, it is essential to ensure peace and confidence in the future. GRUMPY Mist generators is the ultimate technology to prevent theft.

To block burglars and robbers in a few seconds:

Burglaries and robberies are often committed in a few minutes, police and or guards can not be on time in time. Grumpy mist generators put a room full of mist fog within a few seconds, so criminals no longer see a hand in their eyes. This in combination with a loud siren and flash light will confuse a criminal and this will immediately take flight.
GRUMPY prevents further damage to your belongings and peace of mind.

What you do not see you can not steal:

This is one of the main reasons to install a Grumpy mist generator right now, not only your belongings are well secured but also you, loved ones and staff are much less likely to be attacked. Because thanks to the lack of your home / business, a criminal does not see a hand and will immediately choose the hares. The mist remains suspended for a long time and is completely safe for the environment and not harmful to goods and your health. Mist fogging is a certified product and leaves no (harmful) traces behind.

It is impossible to steal what can not be seen?

That is why it is so necessary to install the innovative Grumpy Mist Generator - this is the only system that is capable of stopping thieves. Because all standard alarm systems can not prevent thieves from being able to remove a lot of goods in a short time, it is advisable to purchase a GRUMPY fog generator,

Even if the warning signs are activated, burglars and robbers know that the police need at least 10-15 minutes to arrive on the spot, while burglars only need a few minutes to get what they want. That's why his alarm systems alone no longer sufficient, and the installation of Grumpy mist generators connected to your alarm system is increasingly a need that is purchased.

Why Grumpy Mist Generator is suitable for every environment and every company?

Due to years of experience in the security industry it is possible that there are no limits for the use of fog protection. Grumpy is designed with UR Fog for large and small environments, Grumpy Mist Generators can be installed absolutely and everywhere - in offices, supermarkets, warehouses, schools, banks, businesses, etc ..

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