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Jablotron 100 kit

Do you want to secure your home or business premises as completely as possible? Then you are taking a good first step with the Jablotron 100 kit. With this security system, dozens of sensors and security cameras can be interconnected. Via a central control panel you can see what is happening everywhere in and around your home. In the event of suspicious activity, you will immediately receive a notification via an alarm signal in the house or a notification from the MyJablotron app on your phone. You can install the Jablotron 100 kit yourself or have it installed by the professionals of AlarmsysteemExpert. This way you have an alarm system that consists of various components, such as:

  • Opening detector of doors and windows
  • Glass break detector
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide sensor
  • Motion detector
  • HD camera
  • water damage detector
  • Temperature sensor

The Jablotron 100 kit shows what makes the Jablotron 100 system so special: the system is complex and functional, but extremely easy to operate and connect!

Jablotron JA-101 kit

You can easily set up a flexible security system with the Jablotron JA-101 kit. For example, you can set individual cameras and sensors so that they are only active when you are away. The control panel immediately tells you with green and red light which components of the Jablotron alarm system are switched on. The Jablotron JA-101 kit includes:

  • GSM dialer and radio module
  • Control panel
  • Control Segments
  • Wireless Mini Motion Detector
  • Wireless magnetic contact
  • indoor siren
  • Remote control
  • Alarm cable
  • Battery

The Jablotron 100 system can easily be expanded with HD camera surveillance and other functionalities. Even operating complex household appliances is possible. At AlarmsysteemExpert you can choose to have your security system installed all by yourself, partially yourself or by our professionals. With the help of Teamviewer you can enable one of our installers if you wish. They can then monitor you online and solve any problems.

Jablotron JK-100 kit

Both the JA-101 and the Jablotron JK-100 kit are complemented by an advanced video verification camera that has various functions. When it gets dark, the camera automatically switches to infrared, so that everything is visible even then. All images are in HD or Full HD. The camera can make a clip when it is turned on or off. In addition, you have a free live view where 10 clips can be saved. With every Jablotron JK-100 kit it is indicated exactly which parts it consists of. Do you have any questions about our alarm systems ? Our employees are happy to assist you by telephone, online or in our showroom. Requesting a quote directly is also a standard option.