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Visonic alarm

Visonic is one of the leaders in wireless security and home security. A Visonic alarm is reliable, user-friendly and durable. By using a Visonic alarm you are always aware of the situation within your home. This wireless alarm system has a beautiful and simple design, so that it fits harmoniously into your home. In addition, a Visonic alarm is very flexible, because you can easily expand or change the system. Finally, the alarm system is also pet-friendly, allowing animals up to 38kg to move freely without triggering the alarm. At Alarm System Expert you will find a wide range of Visonic products.

Visonic Powermax

Do you want to protect yourself against burglary, fire and sabotage? It is possible with the Visonic Powermax alarm system kit . These alarm systems are perfect for securing houses, apartments and flats. In addition to its function as an alarm system, there is the possibility to control lamps and other electrical devices in the building. The alarm system is also ideal for healthcare institutions, because you can easily supervise. With the Visonic Powermax , you have an on and off state. In the disarmed state, the system provides you with visual and audible information and triggers an alarm only when smoke is detected or when a 24-hour zone is disturbed.

You can set these 24-hour zones yourself and these are zones that will be in an armed state 24 hours a day. When armed, an alarm is triggered by detection in one or more secured zones. You can arm the entire area or part of it remotely with wireless control. This way you can easily reactivate your disabled zones if necessary. Events within the detection area will be automatically reported via an analog telephone line or a GSM network to a control room and / or a private number.

Visonic Powermaster

The new generation of alarm systems from Visonic is the Visonic Powermaster series and can be found at Alarmsysteemexpert. This alarm system is everything the Visonic Powermax is and more. Using revolutionary Visonic PowerG wireless network technology (patent), the Powermaster product line fully meets the needs of control rooms, installers, home owners and business end users. You can easily combine a Visonic Powermaster alarm system kit with other products from the Powermaster series. The wireless Visonic Powermaster has a long lifespan and is very easy to install .