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The Visonic Powermax alarm systems

The PowerMax series from Visonic is a wireless alarm system that offers protection against burglary, fire and tampering. It can also be used to control lamps and other electrical appliances in your home and to monitor elderly and disabled people.

Status information is visible and audible and in most cases spoken texts (Powermax Complete and Pro) will guide you to perform the right action.

The PowerMax series consists of a central unit that is designed to collect data from the various detectors in and around the secured building.

In the disabled state, the system gives you visual and acoustic information and triggers an alarm when smoke is detected or when a 24-hour zone is disrupted (a zone that is active 24 hours a day).

If the system is switched on , an alarm will be triggered by detection in one or more secured zones.

With the keyfobs authorized persons can switch TOTAL or a PART remotely. So if you go to sleep you can still put a part on sharp, but safe!

The system recognizes a large number of events - alarms, attempts to sabotage detectors and various types of faults. Events are automatically reported via an analog telephone line or GSM network to monitoring center (s) and / or private numbers (as spoken text or SMS messages).