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Argos GSM alarm system


Product description

Mobeye Argos GSM alarm system

The Mobeye Argos GSM alarm system monitors your belongings wherever you are. A matter of filing and arming with your user code. Securing has never been easier. Runs on batteries for a long time, gives a silent or loud alarm and reports burglary and temperature alarms to the (max. 5) telephone numbers set.

Complete all-in-one GSM alarm system. In addition to all functions of the Mobeye i110, it offers a lot of extra functionality. Operates for a long time on batteries (min. 1 year) or on external voltage. Reports alarm messages to (max.) 5 telephone numbers and lets the receiver listen in on the sounds around the alarm system. Offers two additional inputs and outputs for additional sensors and device control. Can perform timed actions or be controlled remotely and much more!

The Mobeye Argos is ideal if you don't have a power supply. The built-in GSM module, motion detector and temperature sensor protect every place against danger. In the holiday home or in the boat, for temporary security in construction or at home. The all-in-one alarm system can be used anywhere immediately. Without installation work or complicated programming.

The Mobeye Argos offers the user the option of a silent or loud alarm once intruders are detected. A silent alarm increases the chance of being caught, a loud alarm is more likely to scare the offenders. In addition, the Mobeye Argos sends an SMS message and a telephone call to the telephone numbers that you can set yourself. This way you do not miss a notification.

The Mobeye is not only a burglar alarm. A temperature sensor is also built in. You set a lower and / or upper limit. When crossing the border you will immediately receive a warning. Immediate protection against the risk of freezing or overheating.

The batteries have a long life. With a daily test report, the batteries last over a year. This is longer with a lower frequency or without a test message. As soon as the batteries need to be replaced, you will receive a 'battery low' SMS.

The Mobeye has a number of simple setting options. This way you can have your own recognition text included in the SMS text. The entry delay and the sensor sensitivity are adjustable. The siren can be switched on or off, as well as the signal during the entry delay. And to determine the correct provider for your SIM card, you can receive the strength of all available GSM providers in the area by SMS. This allows you to make a correct choice of the SIM card in your device.

Security is that easy!

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