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Acti-view AV-50 wired active infrared beam 50 mtr

Product description

The ActiView AV-50 is a beam that can bridge a whopping 50m for outdoor use. When used indoors, the distance can be many times greater (up to 150m). The beam is powered by 12V on both sides and detects movement between the modules.

The detector is equipped with 3 separate beams to ensure error-free detection. The built-in equipment makes it easy to adjust the detectors! The detector indicates the range and helps you to aim the detector perfectly with adjustment screws.

Specifications ActiView AV-50:

  • Distance (outdoors) - 50m
  • Distance (indoor) - 150m
  • Detection method - Simultaneous interruption of 3 infrared beams
  • Response speed 50-700m sec
  • Number of bars - 3
  • Alarm output, Switching signal output (NO / NC)
  • Power and voltage DC12 ~ 24V; AC11-18V
  • Current consumption 100mAMax.
  • Temperature -25ºC - 55ºC
  • Humidity 95% Max.
  • Fault NC, 1B contact output, DC30V / 0.5A max.
  • Outside dimensions 90 x 100 x 270mm
  • Weight 1.9 kg

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