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AV-20, beam for indoor, 10m

AV-20, beam for indoor, 10m

Product description

Jablotron AV-20, beam for indoor, 10m

The AV-20 is a compact beam that can easily be connected to an alarm system such as the Jablotron 100. The beam is powered on both sides and detects movement between the modules.

The beam can be used, for example, to make a doorbell function with your alarm system, and to detect up to 10 meters of line crossing at small distances.

The detector can be connected to the Jablotron 100 alarm system, but also to Hikvision cameras (with an alarm input).


Size: 49.2 * 75.3 * 29.6mm
Working voltage: DC 12 - 24V
Working current: R - 15mA; T - 30mA
Alarm Output: NO or NC Output
Beam: Single Beam


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