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Why Dahua HDCVI?

Do you have an existing analogue system with coax cable (RG59, combi cable)? Then you can use the Dahua solutions to convert your system into a FULL HD camera system. The existing coax cable can be used to replace the recorder and / or cameras.

What is HDCVI?

HDCVI stands for "High Definition Composite Video Interface" and was developed by Dahua.
HDCVI is a relatively new technique to send HD images over coaxial cable. The system is a worthy alternative to ip camera systems. HDCVI sends resolutions up to 1080P (full HD) over your (existing) coaxial cable.

The cable length can be up to 500 meters without loss of image quality. HDCVI also provides a live image directly on your monitor, in contrast to IP camera systems, which have a delay of a few seconds.

Watch a video of Dahua HDCVI below: