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Dahua Technology's Full-color camera captures vivid color information, even in low to no ambient light. It effectively shows the color characteristics of scenes - be it people, vehicles or details - in places with a high crime rate, such as a park at night or a dark alley, and provides great assistance to police officers during the procedure for obtaining evidence. In addition, the color camera also works with smart functions so that it can be recorded with intrusion detection or line crossing.

24/7 Colorful Surveillance
• Presents colored images and captures vivid details in low light. 24/7 color images.
• Significantly increases the chance of collecting valid evidence from people, vehicles and events by providing color images in the dark for good surveillance of the area.

Excellent video quality in the dark
• Provides warm and smart assist light to ensure image clarity even in total darkness. White LED light.
• Prevents rain reflection and does not attract insects.