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Dahua Turret camera

For the best quality surveillance images day and night, you can count on the images from a Dahua Turret camera. Thanks to the advanced Starlight technology, you can make crystal-clear recordings. Thanks to the IP67 rating, a Dahua Turret camera is resistant to wind and weather and can therefore also be used outdoors. You can always count on us for an extensive range of surveillance cameras of absolute top quality. Also for excellent service and knowledge you can always contact AlarmsysteemExpert, the security expert for over 20 years.

Dahua Turret camera or Dome camera?

If you want to monitor a large area with your Dahua IP camera surveillance , it is best to use a dome camera . A Dahua Turret camera is especially suitable for monitoring smaller spaces. The advantage of a Turret camera is that it provides better image quality without distortions. If you have a lot to do with vandalism, a dome camera is an excellent choice. Thanks to the spherical hood, this type of camera is much more resistant to attempts to damage it. However, the disadvantage of the dome is that condensation can form in it, making the image less sharp.

Install Dahua Turret camera

You can easily install a Dahua Turret camera yourself thanks to the PoE technology that all HD IP cameras of this brand are equipped with. This means you don't need a separate cable to power the equipment. With a Dahua camera set you have all the necessities, including a recorder, directly at home. Do you want to make sure that the installation is done properly? Then you have come to the right place at Alarm System Expert.