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Whether you choose to keep an eye on the home yourself or hire a professional service provider to take care of your home, there are two features you'll want to have:

  • Fast notification via smartphone
    Check alarm information and watch live video feed.
  • Deter intruders from light and sound
    Respond to intrusion events with a flashing light and customizable siren.

Alarm reception center / control room

Security monitoring is not an easy task, especially when you are responsible for monitoring multiple sites at the same time. AcuSense products can increase efficiency and improve workflow.

  • For burglar alarm service
    Accurate alarm for human intrusion events only.

  • For playback and video search
    Quickly search for human or vehicle related video through sorted folders.


High-quality raw materials or goods are stored in factories and warehouses. Security is crucial here. However, there is usually limited manpower to perform such tasks. AcuSense devices provide an alternative solution that is both effective and efficient.

  • Replace security patrols with CCTV
  • Accurate access alarm for human purposes
    AcuSense devices can be set to send alerts only when a human intrusion is detected. Crossing animals will no longer trigger the alarm.

Prohibited areas

Restricted areas or dangerous areas usually have signs to warn people of danger. People from time to time ignore these signals, with serious consequences as a result, entering high-security areas or enduring unfortunate incidents.

  • Customizable audio warning
    With an AcuSense camera, you can customize an audio message that plays when the camera detects someone trying to enter the area. The human voice is a much more powerful warning than just a written sign.

You can also take a look below at the Demo Case about Acusense!

A sense of security is one of the most basic human needs, personal and property security are also integrated into that sentiment. And this is exactly why people install security systems in their homes and businesses.

Compared to conventional sensor-based alarm systems, a surveillance system that uses cameras has several advantages: the ability to view events in real time, obtain important data about those events, and provide solid and accurate evidence for law enforcement. By adding a touch of intelligence to Hikvision's popular cameras and video recorders, AcuSense technology makes these products the perfect choice for an accessible and intelligent security system!