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PoE switch

A PoE switch is ideal for a clear network with as few cables as possible. When you use this, you do not need to connect an extra power cable. This is a solution if, for example, you want to place a device in a place where there is no socket nearby. With such a device you can easily set up an IP network with, for example, access points, IP telephones and IP cameras. An important point to note is that a maximum distance applies for a connection to a PoE switch. You can always find these with Alarm SystemExpert in the product information.

What is a PoE switch?

A PoE switch is a device that allows other devices on a network to communicate with each other using a technology called 'Power of Ethernet'. Devices with a PoE function get their power via network cables . As a result, you do not have to take the distance to a socket into account when placing an HD IP camera, for example. A PoE switch therefore offers you a lot of freedom in placing these types of devices.

Hikvision PoE switch

An excellent connection, even over longer distances. That is what you can expect from a Hikvision PoE switch. The switches with PoE function of this brand work over a distance of up to 250 meters. In addition, most models have built-in buffer optimization. This also ensures the transmission of large data packets, such as video images. You can always recognize a Hikvision PoE switch by the sturdy metal housing. In addition, each model is completely fan-free, which means that they are as quiet as a mouse.

Buy PoE switch

Do you want to buy a PoE switch for your Hikvision IP camera surveillance , but do you still have questions? We are happy to help you make the right choice. Visit our showroom in Gorinchem or contact our customer service . We can discuss with you which cameras and HD recorders can be used with PoE. Do you have only a few devices that run on PoE? Then you do not have to buy a PoE switch, but it is better to choose our PoE adapters and injectors . Does your situation require a multi-camera system? For a quote you can request a quote without any obligation. We will then contact you as soon as possible.