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Hikvision Turbo HD dome camera

With a Hikvision alarm system or Turbo HD dome camera you have security like no other brand can offer. Hikvision is progressive when it comes to products and solutions for the safety of you, your property or that of colleagues and employees.

NB! For optimal operation of your camera surveillance, it is important that your current recorder can handle the resolution of your new Hikvision Turbo HD dome camera.

Hikvision Turbo HD dome camera install

There are several Hikvision Turbo HD dome cameras. Before installing it is important that you know the range of your camera. A camera with panorama view is of no use if it is placed in a corner of a building. Or when it is blocked by a tree or other obstacle. It is of course always possible to have your Hikvision Turbo HD dome camera installed by the professionals at AlarmsysteemExpert. This way you are assured of optimal use of your cameras!

Order Hikvision Turbo HD dome camera

You can order various Hikvision Turbo HD dome cameras from AlarmsysteemExpert, such as:

All our products have an extensive description with the specifications. After reading this, you still do not have a clear picture of what exactly you want or need? Perhaps our decision aid can help you on your way. And of course the employees of Alarm SystemExpert are also ready to tell you more about each Hikvision Turbo HD dome camera before you order it!