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Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ camera

What can you do with a Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ camera? PTZ stands for 'Pan, Tilt and Zoom'. This means you can pan, tilt and zoom your camera remotely. This can be an advantage especially if you want extra overview in specific places. With a PTZ camera you have an excellent overview of your terrain and you can zoom in on details!

NB! It is important that your current recorder can handle the resolution of your new Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ camera. This allows you to benefit from optimal camera surveillance !

Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ outdoor camera

In general, a Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ camera is used outdoors. For example, at a barrier that grants access to a site. But also at a busy festival. A Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ security camera can be used well outdoors, because it can still deliver high-quality videos even in a low-light environment! Feel free to contact the skilled employees of AlarmsysteemExpert to find out which Hikvision camera is best suited for you.

Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ camera install

With a little technical insight and skill, you can install the Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ camera yourself. It is important that you make sure that there are no obstacles that hinder the functions of the camera. To be sure, you can have your Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ camera installed by the professionals at AlarmsysteemExpert!

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