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Meldkamer Subscription Video notification per year


Meldkamer Subscription Video notification per year

Article number: Meldkamer Abonnement Videoverificatie
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Product description

In addition to alarm processing of regular alarm systems, together with Service Centrale Nederland also offers Video verification and camera surveillance. The control room can remotely watch with your camera surveillance system in the event of an incident such as burglary or a robbery and take immediate action on this, such as passing on to the police what the robber looked like.

Cameras are an ideal (additional) tool for processing and following up an alarm message. Video surveillance provides extra control and gives a sense of security. The psychological effect of video surveillance is enormous. Knowing that someone is watching is often enough to prevent a crime.

The basic package is Video verification for a camera system up to 4 cameras and costs 365.- euro per year incl. VAT. Each additional camera that you want to connect to it comes to 99, - euro incl. VAT.

Cameras can be placed for different reasons:

  • Verification: The control room can judge on the basis of the images which specific action must be carried out in the alarm report in question. This results in an optimal processing of an alarm message.
  • Surveillance: Cameras are used to observe a building or terrain. For example, you can specify a specific time when a check should be done. In addition, it is possible to place intelligent cameras. These detect strange movements and pass this on to the control room for further follow-up.
  • Customization (access control, process monitoring, visitor registration, ...): Cameras can be placed entirely on the basis of your specific wishes. Remote access control is possible, for example. Granting access only to specific people, carrying out checks on this and identifying crimes is perfectly possible with the help of camera surveillance.

An optimal communication network and a good transfer speed of images is essential in video surveillance. Service Central Nederland BV has the right reception equipment and gives you the right advice on which camera system you can best use for this.


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