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GRM1 - Mobile fog machine

€ 1.399,00 1.199,00

GRM1 - Mobile fog machine

Product description

Grumpy GRM1 - Mobile fog machine


The GRM-1 mobile fog machine can be used anywhere! All your property can now be protected at any place.

Many locations need an effective security that is made possible by a fog machine. Think for example of a luxury car, the tools in your company car or other goods during transport.

The mobile GRM-1 fog machine can easily be powered by a 12V battery. The minimal power consumption (1.5mA in sleep mode) allows the fog machine to stand up to 250 hours on a 12Ah battery! For example, when you connect the fog machine to the battery of a car, the car can easily stand still for several days without the operation of the fog machine stopping!

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