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CM2100 PowerGuard GSM power failure detector


CM2100 PowerGuard GSM power failure detector

Product description

Mobeye CM2100 PowerGuard GSM power failure detector

The Mobeye PowerGuard is strong in simplicity and functionality. This GSM detector informs you in the event of a power outage with a telephone call and an SMS message.

Up to five numbers can be programmed in this 'Voice and SMS device'. The power supply can be monitored by plugging the supplied power adapter into an outlet. It is also possible to directly connect a 12VDC voltage source to the voltage input. As soon as the power is lost or the power supply just recovers, a message will follow.

An indispensable GSM control unit if the power supply is vital!

The Mobeye PowerGuard has two additional inputs. Devices or external sensors can be connected to this. In this way, various situations can be monitored, such as the functioning of a machine or the activation of sensors. The inputs are make or break contacts, suitable for (window / door) magnetic contacts, a water float, an on-off contact, etc.

In a simple manner, various settings are configured via SMS messages. These settings include alarm delays, inactive time after an alarm, repeat times for alarm messages, keep alive messages, free texts, etc.

You must insert a SIM card from any provider into the module yourself; Mobeye recommends using a 'subscription card' for this purpose. A pre-paid card also works, but then the user has to keep an eye on the credit.





• 2 potential-free inputs (NO or NC)


• 12VDC (mains adapter)


User interface


• On off switch


• 1x status LEDs




• 80 * 60 * 40 mm


(Alarm) notifications


• SMS and / or call with an activated input


confirmation possible by receiver of alarm, so next contact is not called


• SMS and / or call in the event of a power failure


• SMS during power recovery


• SMS at low battery power


• SMS test message (keep alive)




• Status reports, settings overview and GSM network strength on request via SMS message




• PIN code security for programming




• Via SMS messages:


• telephone numbers (max. 5)


• recognition texts and alarm texts per input


• input on NO or NC


• alarm delay times


• alarm repeat times


• automatic switch-on and switch-off times


two time schedules possible, assignable to the days of the week


• locking of on / off button possible


• interval of test reports


Power supply


• 2 * CR123 Lithium (supplied)




• 12VDC (mains adapter included) + 2 * CR123 (included)


Battery life


•> 1 year under normal use (battery-powered)


•> 2 years in normal use (externally powered)




• Quad band EGSM 900/1800 - 850/1900 MHz

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Peter | 11 March 2019

Perfect apparaat, werkt meteen zonder problemen.
Duidelijk handleiding wat t programmeren makkelijk maakt.
Helemaal top, een aanrader!!

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