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CM2300 Waterguard GSM water detector + leakage sensor


CM2300 Waterguard GSM water detector + leakage sensor

Product description

Mobeye CM2300 Waterguard GSM water detector + leakage sensor

The Mobeye WaterGuard is a battery-powered GSM water detector. This GSM detector can work completely autonomously due to the built-in GSM module and batteries. The water sensor detects water-based fluids and reports its presence to the set telephone numbers. The GSM module sends an SMS message (with relevant information), followed immediately by a telephone call (to ensure that the message is not missed). A maximum of 5 telephone numbers can be set.

The Mobeye WaterGuard has two versions:
- CM2300: Mobeye WaterGuard with leakage sensor
- CM2300-FS: Mobeye WaterGuard with float sensor

The sensors of the Mobeye leakage sensor create an electrical circuit as soon as there is contact with water-based fluids. The water sensor - like the entire Mobeye WaterGuard - is extremely energy-efficient and is powered by the same set of batteries as the WaterGuard GSM unit.
The Mobeye float sensor, with which the CM2300-FS is equipped, is pressed shut by the water; this sensor must be installed at the height where a water alarm is deemed necessary.

In addition to the water sensor, another one (in connection with the float sensor) or two (in connection with the leak sensor) can be connected with external sensors; this extra input (s) for this can be set to 'Normally Closed' or 'Normally Open'. This makes every sensor suitable with a make or break contact.

Although the Mobeye WaterGuard is designed for low power consumption and works on a set of batteries for over a year, it is also possible to connect the module to an external power supply. The module can run on the normal mains via a (regulated 500mA) mains adapter. In the event of a power outage, the back-up batteries take over the function. If required, a power failure can be reported via an SMS message.

The Mobeye WaterGuard prevents annoying and costly water damage!

You must insert a SIM card from any provider into the module yourself; Mobeye recommends using a 'subscription card' for this. A pre-paid card also works, but then the user has to keep an eye on the credit.


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