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CM4000 CM Guard


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Look out! The Mobeye products only support 4G in combination with a 4G SIM card.

Universal SIM cards can be used, but only in combination with 2G

Mobeye CM-Guard

The Mobeye CM-Guard is the control unit and alarm dialer for monitoring any technical installation. Universal, reliable and compact. Sensors and contacts are easily connected to the inputs. The detector works completely battery-powered, or with external power. The built-in communication module can connect to the 4G LTE-M and 2G network.

If one of the inputs goes into alarm status, the CM-Guard alarms with a push message, telephone call, SMS and/or e-mail. The contacts are adjustable, with choices for the method of alarm. Reporting to a control room (PAC) is also possible.
The Mobeye CM-Guard works for more than a year on a set of batteries. A message is displayed when the battery voltage is low. When using an external power source (12-24V DC or mains voltage), it also sends 'power failure' messages; this is often the first indication that something is wrong on the spot.

The set-up is ready in a few simple steps. The alarm detector can be placed free-standing or hung via the mounting holes.

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