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CML2275 Thermoguard Twinlog, industrial housing, IP66


CML2275 Thermoguard Twinlog, industrial housing, IP66

Product description

Mobeye CML2275 Thermoguard Twinlog, industrial housing, IP66

The Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLog, CML2275, is a sturdy and compact temperature monitor for industrial, pharmaceutical, retail and other professional environments. With a track record in monitoring the temperature of vaccines and industrial coolings, and winner of the ETOP Award 2015, the Mobeye ThermoGuard TwinLogs offer reliable and cost-efficient temperature logging and alarming.

  • alarm function when exceeding or falling below set temperature values
  • logging of temperature values
  • two temperature sensors possible
  • battery-powered or external power supply
  • additional inputs for alarm function (eg 'door open alarm')
  • built-in piezo alarm for alarm indication
  • open collector output for control of siren or lamp
  • with external power supply, also power failure alarm
  • manual or time-controlled on and off

As soon as the measured temperature falls outside the set limits, the ThermoGuard TwinLog immediately sends temperature alarm messages. In addition, he can log the continuously measured values ​​and send them to the (optional) web portal. With the additional NO / NC inputs and an output it is also possible to, for example, place a magnetic contact on the door or attach a large lamp as an alarm indication.

The CML2275 has an integrated GSM module and is designed to work on batteries. With external power supply, the CML2275 also works as a power failure alarm.

The CML2275 only needs a SIM card for use. A Mobeye SIM card and registration in the Internet Portal offers the user extra functionality. The temperature values ​​can be logged with their own chosen frequency and sent to the web-based Portal with an adjustable synchronization interval. Alarm messages can lead to telephone calls and also be sent to contacts as SMS and / or e-mail.

A distinction can be made between contacts who will receive alarm messages and contact persons who will receive 'technical' notifications, such as low battery voltage. In addition, the portal monitors whether the test reports arrive on time. If the communication fails, the technical contacts will receive a notification.

A maximum of five numbers can be programmed in this GSM device. The temperature can be set between -35 and + 70 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the temperature sensor, two external sensors can be connected; the two additional inputs for this can be set to 'Normally Closed' or 'Normally Open'. This makes every sensor suitable with a make or break contact.

Although the Mobeye ThermoGuard is designed for low power consumption and works on batteries for more than a year, it is also possible to connect the module to an external power supply. The module can run on the normal mains via a (regulated 500mA) mains adapter. In the event of a power outage, the back-up batteries take over the function. If desired, power outage can also be reported.

With the Mobeye ThermoGuard, cooling will not go unnoticed and overheating will no longer lead to damage!


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John | 28 February 2019

klein betrouwbaar alarm apparaat
die jaar op 1 batterij werk

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