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Anti-intrusion lighting


Anti-intrusion lighting

Product description

Anti-intrusion lighting  

How does the anti-intrusion lighting work?

  Anti-burglary lighting above sites Windows, helps prevent burglary at you. The burglar is detected at a short distance so that the burglar is completely surprised by bright light flashes. In the dark, the burglar is totally blinded by the short bright flashes of the LED lights. Connected to an alarm system, the anti-intrusion lighting can also act as a flash when the alarm goes off.


Discourage burglars before they do damage

The light-dark effect immobilizes the burglar , he is literally blinded. At the same time, the bright blinking light comes to light in the neighborhood and scares the burglar because he is suddenly in the bright light. The burglar will quickly run away . If you protect your home with security cameras, the anti- burglary lighting ensures better image quality so that burglars can be recognized more quickly.



Compact and robust

Because of the small size (b 150mm, h 30mm, d 26mm) and the robust fixture, it is virtually impossible for an intruder to switch off the anti-intrusion lighting by breaking it or covering it. This makes the anti-intrusion lighting very suitable as a flash for alarm installations.



An incorrectly mounted anti-intrusion lighting can cause nuisance to the neighbors. When assembling, make sure that the anti-burglary lighting does not shine unnecessarily on the neighbor's premises.


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