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CU-07 Track and Trace


CU-07 Track and Trace

Product description

Jablotron CU-07 Track and Trace

Jablotron CU-07 is the ideal track and trace module. The module is very compact and easy to install. By using the free Web Self Service you can always manage your car or fleet.

The module only needs to be provided with a SIM card, to be registered (once-only), and to be connected to the cigarette socket in the car, boat or other object to be protected. All this ensures a simple, easy installation.

In the online application, which receives data via GPRS, you can see the history log and an overview of all your journeys.

Data from the device must be processed by the server, without this free link the module can not be read.

Use of the Jablotron Web Self Service is and remains free. You do not pay any license costs, etc., just purchase the hardware and the SIM card from your provider.

Below are some screenshots of the Web Self Service:

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