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MotionProtect motion detector pet friendly wireless, black


MotionProtect motion detector pet friendly wireless, black

Brand: Ajax Systems
Article number: MotionProtect
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Product description

Ajax MotionProtect detects a person in a room, but ignores pets and, for example, draft and noise from an air conditioner.

Effortless operation

  • Adjustable to three different sensitivity levels
  • Uses our SmartDetect algorithm to prevent false alarms from animals weighing less than 20 kg
  • Eliminates false alarms from equipment and electromagnetic interference using a FresnelTech optical component,
  • made of POLY IR4 material and an Excelitas PIR sensor
  • Works under most conditions due to digital temperature compensation
  • Two-way communication with Ajax Hub enables periodic testing and customization
  • Has a battery life of up to 7 years

Easy installation on a professional level

  • You do not have to disassemble the casing when installing with SmartBracket holders
  • The quality of the connection and the detection area can be tested remotely
  • Connect with Ajax Hub with a single click

Protection against intruders and failure

  • Uses authentication to protect against fraud
  • Wear-resistant housing
  • Response of detectors can be checked every 12-300 seconds (adjustable)
  • Jamming detection, frequency hopping
  • Uses an encrypted connection.



  • Detection range 12 meters
  • Detection area: 88.5 ° horizontal / 80 ° vertical
  • Quick response
  • Pet friendly (up to 20 kg.)
  • Digital signal processing
  • Used SmartMotion algorithm to make unnecessary notifications by pets up to 20 kg. to prevent
  • Sensitivity Adjustable in 3 stages
  • Prevents unnecessary alarm by devices and electromagnetic interference by using a FresnelTech lens of POLY IR4 material and an Excelitas pyrosensor.
  • Works under most conditions through digital temperature compensation
  • Power supply: CR123
  • Battery life up to 7 years
  • Dimensions: 110 x 65 x 50 mm


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Ajax Systems MotionProtect motion detector pet friendly wireless, black
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