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DS-2CD2327G1-L, ColorVu 2MP, IP Turret, 4mm, 120dB WDR


DS-2CD2327G1-L, ColorVu 2MP, IP Turret, 4mm, 120dB WDR

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Product description

Hikvision DS-2CD2327G1-L, ColorVu 2MP, IP Turret, 4mm, 120dB WDR

ColorVu Technology

Bright color images at any time of the day

Capturing bright and sharp color images full of vivid detail in dark scenarios. This is what ColorVu technology is made for.
A person wearing a purple coat, or a green car with a muddy license plate - a ColorVu camera will capture all of this, even in total darkness.
Large apertures and advanced sensors combine to provide clear and valuable images no matter how dim light there may be.
Scientists have found that color helps us remember certain information by increasing our level of attention 1 .
This is of course very relevant for control rooms where operators have to look at multiple screens ... and thus a good example of the added value of ColorVu technology.


F1.0 Super Aperture collects more light to produce clear images.


The advanced 4MP 1 / 1.8 "sensor has been further enhanced with Backside Illumination (BSI), Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology to provide bright and colorful images in almost all conditions.


Built-in, eco-friendly, soft and warm optional additional light guarantees colorful images even in complete darkness. The brightness is adjustable on a scale of 0-100.

ColorVu Camera VS Regular Camera

See in color, even in darkness

Now some EasyIP 3.0 cameras are powered by DarkFighter technology to get a better view at night. However, IR lighting is still required, with which a black and white image is captured in low light.
What if we want to obtain a colorful image all day long? ColorVu cameras offer a solution here!

IP / Analog, Turret / Bullet

The advantages of ColorVu can be applied in all kinds of solutions, from parks as in the video above to industrial areas, traffic intersections and even interior doors. The technology is a hallmark of several Hikvision cameras - including the analog Turbo HD 5.0 series and the EasyIP 4.0 series. The cameras are available in two shapes - turret and bullet - for deployment in multiple solutions.

ColorVu Camera VS Regular Camera

Neighborhood parks should be a quiet place where you can escape the hustle and bustle and noise of the city. However, a city park is often synonymous with danger at night, and passers-by should be vigilant. Although surveillance camera systems are becoming more common in city parks, there are still many security requirements that cannot yet be met, such as high-resolution night vision and color recording. This is where ColorVu offers a solution. Hikvision cameras equipped with ColorVu technology expand and enhance surveillance capabilities, allowing one to see through the nighttime darkness to capture vivid chromatic images. This can lead to the prosecution of criminals and ultimately improve overall security.

ColorVu brings the best possible video solution by making smart use of white light! And now also with audio support and a 2.8mm lens.
The camera is equipped with a sensor that can illuminate the scene via white light in the absence of light. This combination allows the camera to provide a color image 24 hours a day! The visible white light also has the advantage that the security is visible, so that unwanted visitors can clearly see that the site is protected!



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