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DS-2CD2T87G2-L | 8MP | bullet | ColorVu | PoE | SD slot |


DS-2CD2T87G2-L | 8MP | bullet | ColorVu | PoE | SD slot |

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DS-2CD2T87G2-L | 8MP | bullet | ColorVu | PoE | SD slot |

This camera features:
- View images anywhere in the world via Hik-Connect.
- Save images to NVR or SD card.
- 8 Megapixel lens with 110° degree viewing angle.
- 24/7 Color Image.
- Micro SD slot up to 128GB.
- False alarm filter

24/7 Color Images

Darkness provides cover for theft, trespasses and other crimes.
When incidents occur at night, weak, low-quality images from conventional cameras miss or lose crucial details.
Infrared LEDs provide additional light for clearer imaging.
However, the images are black and white.
Imagine capturing vibrant, colorful details, in total darkness - like on clothes or a car... Hikvision ColorVu technology is the answer.

Bright color images at any time of the day

Capturing bright and sharp color images full of vivid detail in dark scenarios. This is what ColorVu technology is made for.
A person wearing a purple jacket, or a green car with a muddy license plate – a ColorVu camera captures it all, even in total darkness.
Wide apertures and advanced sensors work together to deliver clear and valuable images, no matter how low the light may be.
Scientists have found that color helps us remember certain information by increasing our level of attention 1 .
This is of course highly relevant for control rooms where operators have to look at multiple screens... and thus a good example of the added value of ColorVu technology.

Alarm filter:
Hikvision IP cameras from the Acusense series are advanced IP cameras with a false alarm filter.
This false alarm filter means that the camera has technology on board that ensures that no unwanted recordings are made.
This Acusense camera can distinguish between people and vehicles.

This makes the Acusense camera immune to, for example, flying leaves or paper, shadow changes, vehicle headlights, sunlight and so on.
This gives you reliable notifications and recordings.

dark fighter:
In addition to this technique, all Acusense cameras are Powered By Darkfighter, so that they provide an excellent night image in low ambient light.

Due to the 120dB WDR technology, the camera can deal with backlight such as sun and daylight very well.

Power Over Ethernet:
All models from the Acusense series can be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or 12 volts. Via PoE it is easy to connect to an optional PoE switch/adapter or PoE Network Video Recorder.

Latest Series:
With this new series of cameras from Hikvision you can reliably filter and retrieve incidents. Combined with the sharp day and night images, this is an ideal camera for around the home and/or business.

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