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DS-2CD2T87G2P-LSU/SL | 8MP/4K | Ultra HD | Panorama | AcuSense | ColorVu |

499,00 489,00
How beautiful he is! The new Panovu model from Hikvision, no camera can compete with this (Actually we should say cameras.) Grab it for the introductory price while you still can!!

DS-2CD2T87G2P-LSU/SL | 8MP/4K | Ultra HD | Panorama | AcuSense | ColorVu |

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499,00 489,00
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DS-2CD2T87G2P-LSU/SL | 8MP/4K Ultra HD | Panorama | AcuSense ColorVu |

Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2P-LSU/SL 8MP (4K) Panorama AcuSense ColorVu with built-in microphone, speaker and white light up to 40 meters!

The DS-2CD2387G2P-LSU/SL panoramic camera from Hikvision has 2 4MP lenses which together give a 4K 180 degree image without the sides giving a convex distorting image.

This 180 degree 8MP (4K) turrent / dome camera also provides color images in the dark by making smart use of white light! The camera is equipped with a built-in microphone, speaker and sensor that can illuminate the scene with white light in the event of a lack of light. This combination allows the camera to provide a color image 24 hours a day! The visible white light also has the advantage that the security is visible, so that unwanted visitors can clearly see that the site is secured!

This camera can distinguish faces and vehicles from other movements so that you receive fewer false alerts when movement occurs.
This camera with two 4mm lenses puts both images next to each other to create a 180-degree panoramic image that does not distort the sides of the image.
Because this software is one camera, you can also connect this camera to an NVR with a built-in PoE switch.

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