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DS-2CD6425G0-20 Pinhole camera with L-Shaped Lens 3.7mm (2 mtr cable)


DS-2CD6425G0-20 Pinhole camera with L-Shaped Lens 3.7mm (2 mtr cable)

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Product description

DS-2CD6425G0-20 Pinhole camera with L-shaped Lens 3.7mm (2mtr cable)

With this pinhole camera, Hikvision offers a solution for specific camera surveillance applications.

pinhole camera:
The Pinhole camera is ideally suited for discreet mounting of cameras at ATMs, but can be used for many other applications such as:

Eliminating cameras in historic buildings, installation in sales counters for registration of people with caps in live-view projects, installation in sales displays, etc..

This compact pinhole camera consists of a separate sensor and an encoder.
The sensor is available in three versions, the cylindrical version with a flat surface, cylindrical with a point and a flat mounting version (L-shape).

120dB WDR:
Because the camera has 120dB WDR, it gives a perfect display under different light conditions.

Region Of Interest:
The Region Of Interest (ROI) function allows you to specify which part of the image should be compressed in high resolution, with the rest of the image compressed in a lower resolution. By distinguishing these areas, the total bandwidth used is reduced.

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