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DS-2TE127-F4A Hikvision Black Body


DS-2TE127-F4A Hikvision Black Body

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Product description

DS-2TE127-F4A Hikvision Black Body

Calibration device:
The black housing is a Calibration Device that can set the temperature value and is a standard temperature source. The thermal device is calibrated based on the temperature of the black housing. The thermal device is matched to the black housing for real-time calibration (the black housing is positioned opposite the thermal device to ensure that the front of the black housing appears in the thermal device screen) to ensure that the temperature measurement is accurate

(± 0.3 ° C)

the black housing only needs to be powered, you don't need internet. Hikvision thermal cameras are available with a black housing to increase accuracy.

Most important features:

  • Application: Calibration with regard to temperature (reference point)
  • Temperature resolution 0.1 °
  • Temperature accuracy ± 0.1 °
  • Temperature stability ± 0.1 ° / h
  • Radiation from the source adjustable by 5 ° - 50 °
  • Effective emission 0.97 ± 0.02
  • Dimensions: 116mm × 116mm × 205mm
  • Power supply 150W, 220VAC
  • Mechanical interface (connection) via 2 × 1 / 4-20UNC, 30mm x 8mm
  • Weight: 2.07kg

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