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DS-K1A802EF-1 standalone card reader with fingerprint, EM


DS-K1A802EF-1 standalone card reader with fingerprint, EM

Product description

DS-K1A802EF-1 standalone card reader with fingerprint, EM

The DS-K1A802EF-1 is a card reader with built-in fingerprint reader and push buttons from the access control line of Hikvision.

Access can be obtained through a code, access card or fingerprint. The display shows information such as the time, whether or not to approve the offered information or, for example, attendance information. The module is extremely suitable to work as a time clock and combined with access also to record a log of the presence.

32 different shifts can be programmed, 32 different types of man-hours as well as holiday schedules. The information is easily generated as a report and can, for example, be exported via USB.

The standalone module can only be used indoors.

EM vs MiFare
Hikvision supplies card readers with the possibility to read EM or MiFare. This choice is in the reader and can not be adjusted software-wise. MiFare has a heavier encryption. If other EM solutions are already present, EM can also be selected.


- reading distance 5cm
- memory for 800 fingerprints, max 10 per person
- memory for up to 800 cards
- memory for up to 50,000 events
- stand-alone, maps, fingerprints and codes can be programmed locally
- 2.8 "LCD screen
- working temperature -10 ° C ~ 55 ° C
- 140mm x 155mm x 30mm
- 12V DC, 1A

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