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DVR 4 channel, PoC, up to 3MP, max 1HDD, DS-7204HQHI-K1 / P / A

€ 309,00 249,00

DVR 4 channel, PoC, up to 3MP, max 1HDD, DS-7204HQHI-K1 / P / A

The new Black Label PoC recoders from Hikvision bring you the optimum ease of installation! You can now control both the camera image and the power supply over one simple, often existing, coaxial cable! Plug and Play now also available with HD-TVI! The re
Brand: Hikvision
Article number: DS-7204HQHI-K1/P/A
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€ 309,00 249,00
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Product description

DVR 4 channel, PoC, up to 3MP, max 1HDD, DS-7204HQHI-K1 / P / A

'' For HD playback you can press the gearwheel, then you can adjust the image to the desired quality in the settings ''

Pay attention! Hard disk is not included.

Tribrid DVR:
This tribrid DVR can handle analogue cameras as well as Turbo cameras and 1 IP camera.
Connected cameras with 2MP lens are recorded on this recorder with 25fps.
You can connect regular uncompressed analogue cameras to this recorder.
There is also the possibility to connect 1 IP camera (max 4MP) to this recorder via a switch. Special, suitable Hikvision cameras can be fed over the coax via Power over Coax (PoC).

Note that a 3MP Turbo HD-TVI camera can be connected to coax port 1, a maximum of 2MP Turbo HD-TVI cameras can be used on ports 2, 3 and 4.


Full HD Tribrid DVR
4 channels 2MP @ 25fps recording / 1 channel 3MP @ 15fps and 3 channels 2MP @ 25fps recording
1-HDD SATA port up to 6TB
VGA / HDMI output (max. Full-HD 1920 x 1080 display)
Analog / TV / IP recording
PoC support

Technical specifications:

• Self-adaptive normal camera and Hikvision PoC camera connection
• H.265 + / H.265 / H.264 + / H.264 encoding for the main stream, and H.265 / H.264 for the sub-stream or analog cameras
• Self-adaptive HDTVI / HDCVI / AHD / CVBS signal input
• Connectable to H.265 + / H.265 / H.264 + / H.264 IP cameras
• Up to 3 MP resolution for recording on channel 1
• Automatic power supply management for PoC camera to guarantee safety
• Long distance transmission over UTP and coaxial cable
• 4-ch synchronous playback

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